Direct Debit Service Agreement

This Service Agreement and your Direct Debit Request establishes the terms and conditions of your Direct Debit Agreement with ChildCare EasyPay. References to ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to ChildCare EasyPay, which is part of Zenpay Pty Ltd ABN 63 056 881 942.

If you apply for direct debit with payments from a cheque or savings account, you authorise us to debit the payment amount on or around the due date shown on your child care fees statement, or as directed by your child care centre.

If you apply for direct debit with payments from a debit or credit card account, you authorise us to charge your payment amount to the nominated debit or credit card on or around the due date on your child care fees statement, or as directed by your child care centre.

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that your financial institution can support direct debit on your nominated account as direct debiting may not be available on all accounts. You should also ensure the account details provided on your Direct Debit Request are correct by checking them against a recent account statement. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of these details, or how to complete the Direct Debit Request, you should check with your financial institution.

You must ensure that you have sufficient clear funds in your account to honour the payments when they are due and/or processed. If there are insufficient funds, a failed payment fee may apply and you must arrange for the payment to be made by another method or arrange for sufficient funds to be in your account by an agreed time so we can process the payment. The amount of the failed payment fee can be obtained from our website or by calling us. Your financial institution may also charge a fee and/or interest for a failed payment.

Should your debit or credit card details, including card number, type or expiry date, or your bank account details change, please let your child care centre, or us, know at least 5 business days prior to your next payment due date. Failure to do so may result in a failed payment and application of the failed payment fee and other fees.

Your Rights

You may alter or cancel this direct debit arrangement, or stop or defer a specific direct debit payment by providing your child care centre, or us, written notice at least 5 business days prior to your next payment due date.

You may also contact your financial institution, which is obliged to act on your instructions.

Our Rights

We may cancel this direct debit arrangement at any time and for any reason. This may occur, for example, in the instance of failed or rejected payments, or if we have a reasonable suspicion that fraudulent information has been provided in relation to your direct debit arrangement. We will notify you in writing if this occurs.

We may change any of the terms of this agreement by giving you at least 14 days written notice.


You should check your account statement to verify amounts debited from your account are correct. If you believe an error has been made debiting your account, please call us and then confirm your notice in writing. Alternatively, you may contact your financial institution.

If we find that your account has been incorrectly debited, we will arrange for your financial institution to adjust your account (including any interest and charges).

If we find that your account has not been incorrectly debited, we will provide you with reasons and any evidence for our finding.


We will keep any information (including your account details) in your Direct Debit Request confidential. We will also make reasonable efforts to keep your information secure and to ensure any of our employees or agents who have access to your information do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.

We will only disclose information that we have about you to the extent specifically required by law, or for the purposes of this Direct Debit Agreement (including disclosing information in connection with any query or claim).

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy and Notification (Policy) describes how ChildCare EasyPay (Company) collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information consistent with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

This Policy also serves as notification to individuals of the matters required to be notified by the Australian Privacy Principles.

By providing personal information to the Company and having access to this Policy, either directly or through a business partner or service provider, an individual consents to the Company collecting, holding, using and disclosing personal information in accordance with this Policy.


Personal information collected by the Company includes:

Names, gender; phone and fax numbers; home and postal addresses; e-mail addresses; date of birth; banking details (including card and/or bank account details); Child Care centre details; payment details, Company partner membership details.


The Company collects the personal information of individuals directly from those individuals when:

  • The individual registers to use the program where this Policy is located or linked
  • The Company is providing services to those individuals
  • The individual makes an inquiry about a product or service.

The Company also collects an individual’s personal information from:

  • Child Care centres
  • Banking partners
  • Payment processors
  • Its business partners whose programs the Company manages and operates
  • Service providers who are involved with selling and delivering products or services to an individual for or in conjunction with the Company.
  • Personal information received by the Company is held in paper form and / or electronically on the information technology systems of the Company and may only be accessed by its authorised employees and contractors who require access in connection with the purposes described in this Policy.

Some personal information is held in hard copy such as a registration form. This information is accessible to customer support and other required staff members, their managers and the organisations which are contracted by the Company to store and secure that information. Other hard copy personal information may be held for internal Company purposes and administration of the Company’s business.


Without all of the required personal information being provided or consent being given, the Company will not be able to provide the product or service an individual is seeking, and may not be able to handle inquiries or claims in connection with those products or services.


Personal information will be collected, held, used and disclosed for the purposes of:

  • Facilitating the set up and delivery of a service
  • Handling inquiries or claims about a service
  • Security checks to verify the identity of an individual
  • Internal and external auditing
  • Administering the information technology systems used by the Company
  • As required by law or a court or tribunal order
  • Any related, secondary or ancillary purposes.


Personal information may be used or disclosed to inform individuals about products, services and other opportunities (direct marketing). If an individual does not want their personal information used or disclosed for direct marketing, then they may opt out or unsubscribe by selecting the option appearing on the direct marketing communication or by contacting the company at the details below.


The Company’s technology systems and databases are operated in Australia and hosted by Microsoft in Australian data centres.

The Company may disclose personal information to its business partners and third party service providers to perform activities in connection with the purposes described in this Policy. This includes organisations such as Child Care centres, banking partners and payment processors.

As the company is a member of a group of companies, then each member of the group may share and access personal information in connection with the purposes described in this Policy.
Some of the organisations (including international banks, credit card schemes and technology companies) to which the Company may disclose personal information may be located, or have operations, outside Australia. By accessing the website or opening a document or an email on which this Policy is located or linked, the individual is directed to read it and as a result, giving consent to the collection, handling, use and disclosure of personal information by the Company in accordance with this Policy. One of the things the individual consents to is that the Company is not required to ensure that an overseas recipient of personal information (who may have operations in multiple countries which the Company is not aware of) complies with the Australian Privacy Act 1988:

As such, an individual may not be informed of each occasion personal information is shared or accessed by group companies or an overseas recipient.


An individual will need to ensure that the personal information which is provided is accurate, complete and up-to-date at the time it is provided and must notify the Company of any changes.
The Company will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information that it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. The Company’s information technology systems are protected by various technology solutions. However, the Company will not be liable for direct or indirect loss or damage in connection with unauthorised access, use, alteration, destruction or disclosure of personal information.


The Company collects personal information when individuals use the Company’s websites. This information could include personal and payment details in relation to the usage and provision of the Company’s services.


An individual may see and have a copy of their personal information that the Company holds. If an individual establishes that their personal information is not accurate, then on request the Company will take reasonable steps to correct it. An individual who seeks to exercise their rights of access and correction must contact in writing the Company at the details below.
A charge will apply commensurate with the nature of the request.


An individual may make a complaint in writing about how their personal information has been dealt with by explaining the nature of the complaint and providing sufficient information to enable the Company to respond to the complaint.

The Company will respond in writing to a written complaint within 30 days of receipt.

If the complaint remains unresolved, then the individual has the option of notifying the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.


When an individual accesses the website or opens a document or an email on which this Privacy Policy and Notification is located or linked, the individual is directed to read it. As a result, the individual is notified of the matters that the Company must notify in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and consents to the collection, handling, use and disclosure of personal information by the Company in accordance with this Policy.


In the event of a recurring payment subsequently being rejected by the Parent’s bank / card issuer or another party, the Parent may be required to pay to ChildCare EasyPay a fee (a “Failed Payment Fee”) of up to $15 (including GST). If applied to the Parent, this Failed Payment Fee will be automatically deducted from the Parent’s nominated card or bank account four days after ChildCare EasyPay receives notification of the rejected payment. Should the Failed Payment Fee also become rejected, ChildCare EasyPay reserves the right to cancel all payment arrangements immediately.

Company contact details:

ChildCare EasyPay, Reply Paid 79683, Balmain NSW 2041.

Policy last updated:

25 July 2018


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