About Us

ChildCare EasyPay is a 100% Australian owned & operated business dedicated specifically for Child Care Centres and parents.



With ChildCare EasyPay, centres can accept payments by credit card, debit card & bank account.

It offers a full range of easy payment options open for parents, such as interest free monthly installments.

ChildCare EasyPay enables secure website login with access to payment history, easy maintenance, one-off regular payments and much more.

What is Child Care EasyPay?

ChildCare EasyPay is a 100% Australian owned and operated business at the forefront of payment processing solutions. We have over 20 years of expertise in the provision of beneficial, secure and reliable marketing, loyalty and payment solutions to the banking industry, international organisations and locally operated small and medium businesses.

With ChildCare EasyPay, Child Care Centres can accept payment by credit card, debit card & bank account. This convenient and rewarding service takes the hassle, administration and frustrations out of processing payments.

Extra benefits include our exclusive and convenient communication solutions that enhance centre communication with parents. Both Centres & Parents have secure logins with access to payment history, updating details, one of payments and more.

Want to know more?

If you are a centre that wants to know more about how you can benefit from this revolutionary payment and communications solution, simply contact us to arrange a 20 minute demonstration.

If you are a parent who wants to pay ChildCare fees the easy way with secure online access and added benefits, contact us with details and we’ll get in touch with your centre.

Contact Us:

Email: info@childcareeasypay.com.au

Call: Jacqui Bagdhassar on 0498 220 027

For more information please visit Zenith Payments


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